Protection of the environment

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Protection of the environment

Welcome to use ItGC

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About us

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If a mobile phone being used for many years, would you want to change a new one? Most of users will throw it away. As the result, there will be full of toxic and harmful electronic waste on the earth,which will cause great harm to the environment. Hard metals are hard to decomposite,and it can make self-reproduction actively in some organs of the human body and induces physical deseases.

Or maybe you won't throw it away, but when it's idle at home, the value of the expensive and well functional device is devaluations at the same time.

On the other hand, in some developing countries, such as those countries in Africa,there are huge amount of poor people. They longing for the convenience of the technology bringing to their life,but they have no ability to afford even one.

But when you want to sell your old mobile phone, the complex exchanging rate of cross-border or cross - regional transactions makes it to be a trouble. Even if you want to handset it to someone who really need,you don't know where to send to.At the same time,the world's environmental protection organizations also need a channel to select the valuable products and bring into greatest use.But due to insufficient funding,what they can do is very few.

The recirculation of second-hand electronic products is very important for the protection of our environment. So, the electronic currency - "ITGC" was born. It can accelerate the circulation of used electronics,and widely serve to the public environmental protection organizations and enterprises.

Without exchanging rate,it can make the recirculation more convenient in transactions.It can make the re circulation of electronic products more convenient without exchange rate settlement in transnational transactions.

Our organization provide a continuous supply of funds for environmental protection organizations through the allocation mechanism of fees.

It can be issued through block chains,cooperating with environmental organizations which make it more transparent.This is the currency that belongs to "it". It belongs to every animal and plant of the earth.

ITGC is now officially released.This money does not belong to any form of ICO,and there is no landing exchange with legal currency,This form of currency is used to exchange used electronic products,which exists to stimulate the circulation of electronic products.

Main network blockchian upgrade announcement:
Since the first internal test in March, the number of ITGC test community members as well as the number of ecological projects has been gradually increasing. Through the three steps of test, some problems have been discovered. We have upgraded the main network to solve the problems. Meanwhile, a multi-platform client has been provided, and a mobile version of the light wallet has also been released.
In this upgrade, official team has optimized the main network blockchian, and fixed the bugs, reconstructed the main network of the blockchian, and redesigned the reward output.
The main network client has upgraded the following aspects:
1. Update the algorithm to resist the computing power attack and monopoly, and make the output more fair;
2. Optimize the operation efficiency, making transfer and other operations more efficient and stable;
3.Upgrade and optimize the client function, making it easier to use, and high compatibility for anti-virus software;
At the end of the retest period, we retain a total of approximately 20 million coins that produced during the test period as a test period award. The currency owners need to transfer the old currency to the mobile wallet for redemption and redeem the reward. There are a variety of options available for redemption. If you do not deposit the old currency to your mobile wallet at the deadline, you will be deemed as give up the reward. The old main network will stop running after the deadline.
The test coin must be stored in the mobile wallet before October 31. Users can deposit it first and redeem it at the right time.
The mobile client currently supports IOS and Android versions (Because of the Apple Store policy, the IOS version is temporarily a web version)

Introduction of ItGC

ItGC is short for It Gold Coins
The version of the program is v1.0.0.0
ItGC is an application developed upon C++ platform with the use of Blockchain technology. It can be widely used in Windows and Linux.
ItGC provides more efficient payment technology and data assurance for the second circulation of electronic products and the recycling of renewable resources.
Latest Amouncement
We have put“Items Exchanging Mall”into Schedule in 8 countries at present.
For all the shops of every country,we provide services of supplies and recirculation currency.
We now have reached the agreement with the partners in China,and the exchanging shopping mall is coming soon!

More ecological projects coming soon

ITKong Shopping Mall
The ITKONG shopping mall is a comprehensive trading platform for the application of ITGC,and is also the world's first second-hand goods trading mall for the public based on heblockchain.You can trade or donate your second-hand idle items in the mall in exchange for ITGC.
VeryPie Game Platform
A game application platform developed by a third-party developer.There are now a number of blockchain games such as"ITGolds Planet"in development.You can play the casual games in your free time and get more real prizes,ITGC and fun. Expected to meet the public in August.
NGO wallet
A light wallet developed by SaversGo and the third-party team.
The wallet system supports Secure storage and transfer services for ITGC.
EP Mining Pool
A mining pool developed by a third-party team, and is able to adjust the balance of computing to avoid output imbalance and computing monopoly. This mining pool enables home users to connect their computing power to help secure the ITGC currency system while gain ITGC by contributing their computing power to the network.
Save The Planet
An environmentally friendly mobile game developed by a third-party team. In the game you will manipulate a robot to save the earth's environment and turn the junk-filled earth into a clean and vibrant planet.
i Block Explorer
i Block is a powerful blockchian explorer which can provides ITGC blockchain information for everyone.You can use it to seach any information about the ITGC blockchain.
Destroy the Mutant Chain
In the future, the serious pollution caused mutant virus, and the thousands of "localized" zombies around the world created by the virus has caused critical damage. In the game, you can use powerful weapons and cute pets to eliminate zombies and pollution sources, and help restore our earth into a beautiful home. You can get ITGC and real prizes in the game.
Protect the Kitties
A very cute and beautiful game with groundbreaking gameplay. Dirty dogs drive their crafts trying to invade the home of the clean kitties. See how the kitties use their magical and cute weapons to drive away the dogs and win the battle! Kitty-lovers can get ITGC and real prizes in the game.
World ring
World Ring provides a platform for the development of all kinds of environmental protection industry enterprises to pool resources, integrate resources, and promote resource transformation. It is also a platform for the integration of environmental enterprise certification and service in the ITGC ecosystem.
wechat official account
ITGCBBS is a community of ITGC, and is also an influential forum in cryptocurrency markets. In here we discuss about second-hand item trading, "Super Administrator" election, games, mining and etc. News about ITGC is also published here.

Significance: Willingness to hold Coins with increasingly added value promotes the circulation of used electronic products. Coins are donated to the environmental organizations as funds to collect and deal with more e-waste , and to appeal more people to protect the environment. Measures above are intended to serve to protect the planet.


Ways of service:

General users: Mine for Coins or exchange any used electronic products for Coins on “Goods for Coins”.
Users in demand: Buy new or other high-value used products products with coins on “Goods for Coins”. Or buy a variety of equipment to add fun to your games.
Environmental organizations: Submit plans for further announcement, and then receive Coins donated by the official or users. Afterwards, use the Coins as special funds to buy and repair used products, and send them to poor countries then or disassemble them for environmental protection.
Accessories sellers: Open shops at the mall and sell new screens and shells of cell phones for profits.
Repairmen: Open shops at the mall to examine and repair cell phones for service charges.

Issuance and distribution:

The amount of ITGC is designed to be 2 billion.
The initial annual output rate of ITGC is 200 pieces per 3 minutes, 35.05 million pieces per year.
The output of ITGC is halved every 30 years, and the difficulty of mining increases with the total computing power rises. The block reward will be completed in about 400 years.
The reward of the miners is 10 pieces per 3 minutes and the annual reward is 1.75 million.
20% of the total will be donated to various environmental organizations in batches in about 50 years as planned. Plans will be announced and open to public scrutiny.
To avoid any birfucation against the currency,our sourcing code is only open to the enviromental organizations and malls builders temporarily.
And it is going to be open to zhe public after the mall in a third country coming into being.
We made detailed use plans for the pre-excavated ITGC.
And in the following process, we will start an election and dozens of super administrators of ITGC will be elected from the public.
Super administrators can be individuals or a team that supervises the placement and use of ITGC and participates in the ecological construction of ITGC. At the same time, they will also get rich returns.
For detailed usage plan and campaign arrangements, please follow us on the official website and Facebook

Mining Guide

You can download software on, and get ITGC in officially cooperative mining pool and computing power market.
Cooperative mining pool:
(this mining pool is built by ITGC ecological cooperation team)
Cooperative computing power platform:
(this project is built by ITGC ecological cooperation team)

Use a purse

And you can get ITGC by selling your own second-handed items in trading website(,

and playing games in gaming websites such as VeryPie(


Ecological application currency based on Blockchain technology

  Quality assurance   Global general-purpose   Complete endorsement
  Free circulation   Efficient service   Top technical support

【Free Coins for environmental organizations】

ItGolds are offered to environmental organizations around the world for free. Any environmental nonprofit organization could send us an email for ItGolds using as funds. Organizations meeting the following conditions can apply for priority:
1. Organizations engaging in the recycling of electronic products.
2. Organizations working on the reuse of recycled materials.
3. Nonprofits providing material aid for poor countries and populations.
Please send us the introduction of the organization and the plan for the use of itGolds through email.
The list of organizations approved and donations will be announced on and updated monthly.



Public award during the test period

Environmental organization funding


Super administrator funding

Ecological project development fund


Miner rewards
  • Miners who maintain blockchain ledgers will receive this part of the rewards


【Donations to environmental organizations】

Donate the following products to organizations cooperating with us for ItGC:
1. Used electronic products
2. Items made from renewable resources
3. Reusable commodities
Receiving the donation, the organization will send you ItGC.
Users are also appreciated to donate ItGC to our public account to support environmental protection. We will donate the ItGC to environmental organizations and make public announcements.
Public account: ggSQiLew8h3fUpPCxBs7yDoRLCtqpqPmvd
For more information about organizations working with us and the use of the donations, please visit
Thank you for your support to environmental protection. Let’s join together for a better world!



The ITGC-use Planning for ecology and community developments during the cornerstone period
Category Scope of Use Total amount Purpose Total amount Release period Distribution & Management
A Environmental and Nonprofit Organizations 10 million Special funds for global activities of SaversGO 2 million 1 to 5 years offical
Pre-special funds for the construction of environmental protection agencies 2 million 1 to 2 years Community administrator
Special funds for the development of environmental protection organizations 3 million 1 to 2 years Community administrator
Special funds for the development of nonprofit organizations 2 million 1 to 3 years Community administrator
Circulating funds of cooperative environmental company 1 million 1 to 5 years offical
Blockchain address of A gc9PX4t75h7vtvVUsb9LNgK4ZaaMy5St1n
B Ecological Project Development 12 million Parent blockchain upgrad / iteration 1 million 1 to 3 years offical
Construction of other ecological projects (100 rewards) 5 million 1 to 5 years Community administrator
Construction of global resource distribution platform (itkong, world ring) 2 million 1 to 5 years Community administrator : Incentive funds for game development (50 rewards) 4 million 1 to 5 years Community administrator
Blockchain address of B gnaTwhLmQ5khRCngntoz6GaARBkqGuqw3b
C Ecological Project Operation 10 million Ecological projects: wallet, tokens for itkong, and so on Proposed by the users or by the administrators during the cornerstone period 1 to 3 years Community administrator
Integrated platform : tokens of mobile and web games 1 to 2 years Community administrator
Reward for online community administrators 1 to 3 years officalr
Reward for the operators of community and forum (BBS, wechat, telegram, and so on) 1 to 5 years Community administrator
Tokens for the cooperation with ecological enterprises 1 to 3 years Community administrator
Reward for branding promotion and Copywriting 1 to 3 years Community administrator
Reward for the media writing 1 to 3 years offical
Blockchain address of C gTWX1dxpThifa2Mg9xqUJ3PpS4d7Xhe5nP
D Ecological project promotion 18 million Promotion of ecological projects: wallet, tokens for itkong, and so on Proposed by the users or by the administrators during the cornerstone period 1 to 5 years offical
Promotion of integrated platform : tokens of mobile and web games 1 to 5 years offical
Reward for the promotion of online communities 1 to 3 years Community administrator
Tokens for the promotion of cooperation with ecological enterprises 1 to 3 years offical
Reward for the promotion of branding and copywriting 1 to 3 years Community administrator
Reward for the media diffusion 1 to 2 years offical
Blockchain address of D gTPoCU4UrjNRhYFa7urMVF3QsrgeJzU5H7
E Construction of Organizations 3 million Reward for the organization and the first round of supernode program 0.64 million 1 years Community administrator
Reward for the administrators of ITGC during the campaign period 1 million 1 to 2 years offical
Reward for the daily administrators of the community 1.36 million 1 to 2 years Community administrator
Blockchain address of E ggPRHy7r6EYCUicYs3UPhs43kn7yzEaGHb
F Maintaining the value of ITGC 5 million Maintain the value of ITGC (remain unchanged) 5 million Indefinite offical
Blockchain address of F gcMsydbxUCqKFTCaDQwW2BDRDJst7wH4rP
G Reserve Fund 2 million Risk control and circulation reserve (assign according to different situations) 2 million depending on circumstances offical
Blockchain address of G gcicXqePb977YiJ1NqWmNzVJjJPuZiBNV7
H Test period reward 20 million Reward for the testnet coins of ITGC, which to ITGC exchange rate is 1. 20 million Choosed by users offical
Blockchain address of H gVg6WJTT5t6uzfWegu8R3drdAheJufq4cy

ITGC Cooperative organization